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Car wrecks is what I do

I graduated law school in 1997 and have focused on car wrecks for 15 years.  For the past 13 years it has been my exclusive practice area.

I enjoy what I do.  Doing the same thing everyday for thousands of clients over the years has meant that I have seen most of what can happen to a client and a case.

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Phone: (615)263-7424

Fax:     (615)301-1843

501 Union Street

Suite 502

Nashville, Tennessee  37219

Small office -

serious results

I don’t take every case.  By choice my office is limited to the number of cases I can handle with personal attention .

However, this allows me to maximize results for clients and myself by focusing the necessary time and resources to each case.

Why I love Nashville and Tennessee

The football is great, the weather is wonderful and in a few hours I can fly to the beach.  I fish the Caney and put on the thermals for Hybrids in the winter. The best thing about where we live though is that it is a fantastic place to raise a family!

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